Amselysen plunges into an abstract ghostly realm, not only from a formal sonic standpoint, but conceptually; inspired by an antiquated and frenzied divining mode incarnating the metaphysical into physical embodiment

:Angelic silhouettes amass and glimmer against an empty black fabric, shapeless in their ever-morphing mechanical dance:

As the unreliable narrator mumbles, chugging through the skeletal remains of techno, their accidental gestures fabricate haunted and textural sonic tapestries, architected instantaneously, all while being consolidated under a wispy yet dynamic avant-pop overseer.

The fluid mesh woven through the EP is oft cut sharply by unapologetic turns, as to reflect the lyrical facet of the work. From all the genres it borrows, Amselysen pays its pseudo-ritualistic respects before removing itself from any identifiable fields, like the aberration it embodies.


Mixing: Antoine Provencher
Mastering: Philippe Vandal
Artwork: KidXanthrax

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