Credit: Emiliano Moreno Quesada


Under Amselysen, Hakeem Lapointe explores and experiments with the content and the form of any and all genres, before repackaging the whole into leftfield electronic, notably: experimental, ambient, conceptronica, techno, noise, and IDM.

Never shying away from challenging their audience’s comfort, Amselysen is sure to deliver novel sounds and standard-defying experiences. Known for their chaotic iconoclastic interventions and their unique sense of subversion, they like to present hyperdynamic blends of electronic compositions, as demonstrated in their debut album, Hypnagogic Surge, released on Genot Centre [Prague, Czech Republic]

Amselysen has shared the stage with trailblazing acts such as: Caterina Barbieri, Lorenzo Senni, Dreamcrusher, Jesse Osborne-Lanthier, Myriam Bleau, i.o., Racine, Keru Not Ever, amongst others.

They also have been composing and doing sound design for projects in performance art, installation art, short films, and fashion. Notably for the Kent Monkman showcase at the McCord Museum, and for Montreal’s fashion M.A.D. Festival.